( Jul. 13th, 2009 08:54 pm)
... and welcome to yet another journal, brought to you by digiscrappy, with many thanks to [personal profile] coldfire for her kind invitation. I'm not really sure why I need another journal, but since everybody's doing it, why not just jump on the bandwagon, eh? So yeah. New journal... not likely to be topical... may not even *contain* topics. We'll see.

Who knows. Who cares?

At press time, the following statements are true:

I'm reading Twilight for the first time. Really.
On deck, to be read, is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
I've made plans with a new friend to see HP&THBP on Wednesday.
I've just returned from a Texas mini-vacation.
I've been enjoying quality time with lots of friends (new & old) and new family since June.
I'm trying to scramble together Florida vacation plans, which may or may not include Disney. (Hrumph.)
I'm successfully getting back to my ideal weight range via SparkPeople.
I'm rapidly becoming a traditional scrapbooker and not just a digiscrapper.
I'm pissed at Fates Warning for canceling the JAXX show.
I'm looking forward to a TOOL show, though. Also Division with ZO2. Maybe Pagans' Mind, as well.

I feel healthy, happy, strong, and optimistic. Life is good.





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